Self-promotion in 3, 2, 1...Okay, hear me out. I started my instagram completely over and now I'm doing aesthetics. Alternating from Greek gods and other mythologies to character aesthetics from book, movies, and shows. I started a series called "Where Are They Now?: Greek Gods: which is the ancient/traditional aesthetic of a god and their modern aesthetic. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out. It's @kinglykore if you're interested.

Emily - @kxkeru

flowers, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed vintage and light image blue, girl, and art image Temporarily removed sea, photography, and ocean image piano, flowers, and music image girl, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image Temporarily removed
Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Capricorn Mercury, Scorpio Venus, & Scorpio Mars | Daughter of Poseidon | Neutral Good | INFJ | Year of the Horse

Isabell - @xixsxix

fireworks, night, and sky image hair, girl, and red image girl, make up, and pretty image blue+sea+feels+me! image sky, stars, and girl image harry potter, gryffindor, and hogwarts image couple, car, and vintage image hands, photography, and vintage image ravenclaw image aesthetic, dark, and gryffindor image
Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Gemini rising | Ravenclaw | Wampus | House Stark | Year of the Rabbit

Larissa - @larissaschaare

green, nature, and plants image vintage, 70s, and girl image Image by tenderlygirl forest, tree, and road image pins image Temporarily removed Image removed flowers and painting image Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative, brunette, and indie image
Capricorn sun | Year of the Ox

Lea - @lxklx

aesthetic, red, and sweater image red, scream, and grunge image heart, love, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed red, chaos, and quotes image Temporarily removed leaves, nature, and red image quotes, text, and proud image
Aries sun | Gryffindor | Year of the Monkey

Beatriz - @callmebiaa

Mature image beautiful, interesting, and photo image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image Abusive image pink, clouds, and sky image art, moon, and style image Prada, gossip girl, and milan image Temporarily removed wallpaper, background, and pink image Temporarily removed
Scorpio sun, Aries rising | Year of the Snake
If you would like an aesthetic, you can read how to request one here. Requests are open Saturday (31) at noon mdt.

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