• Mermaid or Angel?
angel, aesthetic, and art image Mature image
  • The 1900 or 2000?
Image removed Image removed
  • Movies or Books?
book, coffee, and read image autumn, beige, and books image
Depends, but usually books
  • Rain or Sunshine?
couple, love, and kiss image mood, movie, and rain image
  • Dancing or Singing?
brigitte bardot image ballet, dance, and black and white image
  • Are you going to learn greek, latin or french?
Temporarily removed background and city image
I would like to lear french or greek
  • All girls school or all boys school or everybody school?
制服, 夏, and 井上苑子 image
Everybody school but actually idgaf about them
  • Will you take History or English class?
after, beautiful, and behind the scenes image Temporarily removed
English class
  • Bad girl or Good girl?
aesthetic, baby, and black image Abusive image
both depends with who I´m
  • Wake up hour?
chill, chillin, and cozy image Abusive image
11am or 12pm
  • What country you wish you were from?
theme, aesthetic, and psd image adventure, architecture, and beautiful image
Italy or France
  • What's something you always look forward to?
casual, fashion, and girly image art, beige, and brown image
To new looks, books and movies
  • Ever took dance lessons?
ballet, girl, and ballerina image ballet, dance, and ballerina image
Yes, I love dance
  • Have you ever been in love?
Image by anett éva cool, couple, and lovers image
No and I´m glad about that
  • Have you ever cried over a lover?
pulp fiction and uma thurman image
More about the things he done

Hope you like it