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In the spirit of back to school I was inspired to make a back to school article! Here's what's in my backpack, I hope you enjoy!

1. My backpack!

backpack, harmony, and orange image
Classic Fjallraven Kanken in the color Dahlia
I had a royal blue one in freshman and sophomore year but I decided to splurge for a new one for junior year!

2. My pencil pouch

etsy, pencil case, and makeup bag image
A pink pencil pouch I got off amazon
The one I have is similar to this and has lots of organizers.

3. Highlighters

Temporarily removed
Stabilo Highlighters
I keep the thin version of these in my pencil pouch and they're so cute! Their pastel colors are so nice.

4. Pencils

pink, aesthetic, and cute image
I got like 18 pink mechanical pencils off amazon hahah
I definitely have a lot of pink going on this year hahah

5. Glitter gel pens

pens and stationary image
I got a big pack off amazon lol
There were so many pens in the box I ordered I just picked out like the glitter ones and the pink ones hahah

6. Binders

school, college, and study image
4 binders
Nothing special just like primary colors i guess, I don't want to spend money on cute binders because I know they'll just fall apart lmao

7. Hydroflask

bottles, flask, and water image
A little black hydroflask
I used to have a super cute pink one but someone stole it bc it had no stickers on it ): But luckily my boyfriend gave me one of his old ones bc homegirl was not ab to spend anotha $40 on a water bottle lmao

8. Emergency pack

bag, cool, and emergency image
It's not this it's literally just a random pouch hahah
I keep feminine products in it and a tide pen and stuff like that


That's what's in my bag! I hope you guys enjoyed, please remember to check out my profile and my other articles linked below!