dear autumn,
i love you.

I love the feelings and vibes I get when you're here. When I can stay home all day, have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and watch Netflix with my string lights on. I love being covered in several blankets and chilling with my soft pillows.

autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

If I had to choose one of all the feelings you give me I think it would be coziness. You make me feel hugged by the feeling of soft rain and warm sweaters, the smell of pumpkin and the sight of colorful leaves on trees and on the ground. I can't have enough sweaters, I love wearing sweaters on cold days because I get the feeling of protection and safety, if that makes sense.

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When you're here, I feel the need to bake chocolate cookies, to read books I've always wanted to read and to take long walks, listening to the crispy sound of leaves when you walk on them. I can only take out my string lights and my scented candles when you're here because otherwise it would feel like betrayal. You have the power of making me feel more calm and relaxed than any other season and I love you for that.

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When I think of you, I have a certain feeling & vibe, pictures & memories in my mind and I feel excited because of all the things you allow me to do with your presence.
Road trips with my fall-playlist and car heating, binge-watching TV-shows or Disney movies, reading new books that I can't seem to have time for before you show up and using you as an excuse to buy even more sweaters.

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

what to do during fall:

  • read, read, read (books, magazines, blogs, articles, ...)
  • bake everything your heart desires, something you've always wanted to try but never did
  • have a movie/TV-show marathon :
  • go shopping (cuddly socks, coats, sweaters, boots, scarfs, ...)
  • make your own fall-playlist
  • make plans for Halloween (movies, costume, make-up, ...)
  • decorate your room with string lights, candles, pillows, blankets, ...
  • plan a road-trip with your friends or family
  • take walks

that was my love letter to autumn, maybe I should make more of these love letters, what do y'all think ? anyways i hope you enjoyed it 🍁🎃🌅