Here's day 7 if you're interested:

Sαɱɯҽʅʅ Bҽɳɳҽƚƚ

Day 7: How are your character's parents? Appearance and personality.

Katherine Davidson Bennet

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Pictures at time of marriage/dating.

Birth: April 14th, 1968 (51 years old)
Born in: Brighton, Britain, UK.
Occupation: Full time mom and retired artist.
Personality: Excessively sweet, warm, kindred spirit, hippie, reminds you of a forest fairy.

Richard Bennet Cox

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Pictures at time of marriage/dating.

Birth: June 31st, 1965 (54 years old)
Born in: Old London, Britain, UK.
Occupation: Lawyer
Personality: Laid back, business oriented, joker, sweet, loving.


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Met: In college, Kate was studying liberal arts and Richard was in his last year of college in Brighton. Met at a party which both of them had considered skipping, however they spent the whole night talking.

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Married: By the Sea, Brighton Pier. One thing led to another and in the matter of two years they got married. Kate balanced Richard seriousness by pushing him to adventures and joking around. Richard fell madly in love.

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Family Relationship: A couple of years later after a lot of traveling the world together, they had a son named Sam. After Sam came Penny and they are now a happy little family. Unconditionally loving.