Hey guys, I know I haven't written lately because of college stuff and hurricanes. You know, the usual. Anyways, today I was inspired to write about this: relationships.

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You see, I might not be an expert, or a love guru, but I'm pretty darn good at telling if someone's relationship is good or not. There are just some universal characteristics of a good relationship and a bad one. For example, a bad relationship includes one partner(or both) abusing each other (mentally and/or physically), lying, cheating, disloyalty, etc; and a good relationship includes laughter, fidelity, respect, etc.

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Okay, so the worst relationships are toxic. They bring you down and sometimes you won't even know it.

I'm a huge romantic. I believe if people started acting, uh, not crazy, then relationships can be successful. I love cute, romantic books, movies, TV shows. I will not read or watch things that has zero love story in it. So when I see a couple being rude to each other, or hating each other, or cursing at each other, I'm like...

You do know you're sounding like mortal enemies, right? Not lovers. How can you even say such mean things to someone you love?

Don't get me wrong, I know every couple goes through arguments. But there's a limit. If you are arguing like 6/7 days a week, if that argument has you both saying "I hate you" to one another, if that argument brings out the weakness of your relationship... then I think you should reconsider your relationship. As hard as that was to say, I had to say it.

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Relationships are meant to make the both of you glow with radiance. They're supposed to teach you patience, courage, happiness. Relationships are meant so you could be yourself, so you wouldn't have to hide the real you under a layer of makeup and a layer of lies. Relationships are meant to support you, not bring you down.

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There is no reason to lie, feel embarrassed, feel insecure when you are in a relationship. There is no reason to cry alone when you have a shoulder to cry on. There is no reason to cover your laugh; I'm sure your partner loves the way you laugh.

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So what does a relationship mean? It means you can be yourself around him and you love the way your partner can be himself around you.

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