hi guys, issa me

so i'm tired asf suddenly, but i wanted to create this article since it appears to be one that won't take me too long..

basically, i came up with twenty questions about fashion/beauty for you guys to answer if you're bored or don't know what to write

pretty please remember to credit this article & tag me ~

okay, i'm excited to show you these questions because they're pretty fun and kinda different.. ♡

now let's get into it :)

тwenтy ғaѕнιon qυeѕтιonѕ ғor yoυ тo anѕwer ~ ♡

gif, anime, and rain image
by giricatt
001: wнaт ιѕ yoυr go-тo concerт oυтғιт
002: wyr wear a perғυмe called ѕυgar cooĸιeѕ or нoney bloѕѕoм
003: do yoυ preғer neυтral colored ѕнoeѕ or colorғυl ĸιcĸѕ
004: ιғ yoυ нad тo pιcĸ any ѕong rιgнт now тo geт ready тo, wнιcн one are yoυ pιcĸιng
005: ιт’ѕ yoυr ғιrѕт day oғ ѕcнool, wнaт woυld yoυ wear
006: deѕcrιвe yoυr ғaѕнιon aeѕтнeтιc ιn тнree wordѕ
007: ιғ yoυ were geттιng yoυr naιlѕ done rιgнт now, wнaт woυld yoυ тell тнeм yoυ wanтed done
008: yoυ’re goιng on a caѕυal daтe wιтн jacĸ ғroм тнe тιтanιc, нow woυld yoυ do yoυr нaιr
009: woυld yoυ raтнer нave a cнanel pυrѕe or prada ѕнoeѕ
010: wнaт color looĸѕ тнe вeѕт on yoυ
011: a cυтe вoy walĸѕ вy, тell мe wнaт нe’ѕ wearιng
012: yoυ’re wrιтιng a вlog aвoυт ғaѕнιon, wнaт are yoυr тop тнree мυѕт нave pιeceѕ ιn yoυr wardroвe
013: yoυ’re ιnѕpιred тo do a мaĸeυp looĸ, вυт wнaт тv ѕнow ιnѕpιred yoυ
014: wнaт cυтe anιмal woυld yoυ вe ғor нalloween
015: ιғ yoυ нad a cloтнιng вrand, wнaт geм ѕтone woυld ιт вe naмed aғтer
016: ғroм 1-10, нow conғιdenт are yoυ wнen yoυ dreѕѕ υp
017: wнaт ιѕ an υnderraтed мaĸe υp prodυcт yoυ aвѕolυтely love
018: ιғ yoυ coυld gιve ѕoмeone one pιece oғ advιce aвoυт ғaѕнιon, wнaт woυld ιт вe
019: wнaт ѕeaѕon alwayѕ нaѕ тнe вeѕт ғaѕнιon
020: laѕтly, pιcĸ a wнι oυтғιт and raтe ιт ғroм 1-10, тellιng мe wнaт yoυ нaтe or love aвoυт ιт

alrighty those are all twenty questions

thank you so much for reading and look out for more fun questions in the future ~

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