dress, fashion, and style image dress, ballet, and dance image girl, vintage, and hands image art, white, and aesthetic image lily collins image princess, crown, and diamond image
loves to dress up and go to balls to dance, rebellious by nature, loves to play piano, mastered swordfighting and archery, loves naps


dress image gold, crown, and jewels image aesthetic, flowers, and vintage image Couture, dress, and dresses image Mature image once upon a time, hook, and emma swan image
crowned herself queen, independent and strong, tea party meetings, leads army, fell in love with a thief


fashion, white, and dress image Image removed dress, pink, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Copyrighted image girl image
graceful, tends the hidden gardens, cares about nature, mother figure to other fiaries


Image by gั”โ„“ฮฑsฮฏฮทื˜s Image by Aurora korean, traditional, and mino image japan, fan, and geisha image asian, red, and traditional image japan image
lieu hang - vietnamese goddess, powerful, feminist, roams both heaven and earth

hogwarts student

theme, aesthetic, and blue image hair, black, and aesthetic image ravenclaw, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image aesthetic, blue, and theme image fashion, skirt, and blue image
one of the smartest in ravenclaw, perfectionalist, witty, yet can be manipulative, sarcastic, and mysterious


mermaid, aesthetic, and ocean image aesthetic, angelic, and angels image fish image Temporarily removed fantasy, mermaid, and mythical image aesthetic, water, and theme image
sneaks off from home to explore, curious, loves sea life, loves to sing


aesthetic and red image black, body, and dark image Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and wine image Temporarily removed cat, black, and animal image
mysterious, poised, alluring, will cut you up if you mess with her, loves her black cat Lucy


girl, moon, and photography image wolf image Image removed hair, hairstyle, and beauty image partners, love, and best friends image wolf, animal, and flowers image
lots of hair, a grey wolf, loves her pack, her human friends don't know she's a werewolf, loves running through the woods


angel, wings, and Victoria's Secret image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image Image by junhongism Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and white image angel, ballet, and wings image
she was born out of the love of her human mother and angel father, utterly graceful, only other angels and nephilim could see her wings


amazing, travel, and vintage image ocean and ship image Image removed aesthetic, blouse, and fashion image girl image pirate, map, and aesthetic image
life on sea, captain, independent, loves money, charming, afraid of love


ben 10 and gwen tennyson image blonde hair, hot pink, and outfit image Image removed purple, light, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and galaxy image blue, eye, and purple image
more on the side of anti-hero, uses mana manipulation, magic, powerful, gets paid by the government to take down bad guys


fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image Temporarily removed witch, aesthetic, and spices image black, bralette, and fashion image black, gods, and goth image ceiling, chandelier, and creepy image
helps the locals often with medicinal purposes, lots of herbs and candles around the place, her home is deep in the woods and looks kinda scary on the outside, she isn't exactly the good or bad witch, has her own agenda, sometimes deals with dark magic
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