Inspired by this article.
✨ my name: roberta
r a p u n z e l
hair, blonde, and braid image Image removed rapunzel, tower, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
o l a f; frozen
skin and white image snow, winter, and nature image snow, hand, and winter image badass, beautiful, and cold image
b e l l e
Image by r beauty and the beast and fashion image 🌹 and where did you buy? image book, read, and reading image
e l s a
Image by Mariajose Guzman cold, ice, and nature image Temporarily removed door, aesthetic, and vintage image
r o b i n h o o d
Temporarily removed coin, aesthetic, and money image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image Temporarily removed
t i a n a
aesthetic, bun, and green image food image tarot, cards, and magic image green and aesthetic image
a r i e l
aesthetic, ariel, and tumblr image aesthetic, white, and shell image beach, castle, and city image beach, summer, and tumblr image