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My clothes aren't that pretty, but I do what I can with what I have. I like to wear leggings all the time (I'd wear them everyday if I could). I'm too skinny and my clothes often don't fit, so my shirts and sweater look kinda saggy. I also wear converse all the time. Whenever I use shorts (do not use skirts), I use them very short.


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I go from one extreme to the other. Either a super cheesy pink or the darkest black. And my favourite thing is glitter, and they go great in both!


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I'm simply an animal lover.


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My love for sushi and pastas is infinite, I've never gotten tired of eating one of both. I LOVE chocolate and ice creams. And enchiladas are one of the dishes I love the most.


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Writing, playing videogames, reading and dancing.


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I live a very comfy lifestyle full of art, anime and music.


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I spend most of my time daydreaming, which leads to being kind of nostalgic and dramatic. I'm a full crybaby, I cry and care for stupid things. In the darkest side, I tend to be a bit violent (in my mind, thankfully) and sometimes say harsh things I often do not mean.

Dreams and goals

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Publish my books, go to live to Japan, learn a lot of languages and maybe work for Nintendo as a translator! Pray for me, please ❤


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I've read so many books I barely remember them all and I don't have a favourite at all. I love them all.


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I love psychological thrillers and dramas. I love books adapted to movies like The Hunger Games, Twilight and Maze Runner.

TV Series

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I'm not too much into TV series, but when I am, I'm bounded forever. I've been following The Walking Dead since the beginning, just like The Resident. I grew up with Bones and The Simpsons and I don't get tired to watch them over and over again.


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I love classic music, Japanese pop, rock and a lot of other genres. If I have a favourite band, that is Tokio Hotel. I also like Vocaloid a lot.


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Cloudy, not rainy, with a bit of cold wind.


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