Sooo, I guess the first part of this was kind of a success...? And now I am writing a second one!

At first, I was only rating the looks on a score of x/10. This is a really simple way of doing it, so I thought of something else.

We will rate the outfits based on four categories, for each they can earn a score. If you add up the highest scores achievable, you'll get a total of 20. These categories are:

1. Style, x/7 points
[Do the items match the style of the outfit, or does it look ramdom?]

2. Colours, x/7 points
[Is the outfit colour-coordinated?]

3. Individuality, x/3 points
[Does it look original, or is is it basic/mainstream?]

4. Personal opinion, x/3 points
[Would I wear it?]

In the end we'll divide the scored points by two, so the total score is x/10, like in the first article.
It sounds more complicated than it actually is. Let's just start & you'll see how it works :)

1st Outfit

fashion, outfit, and look image

This one is really cute and simple. I like the layered necklaces, and the colours look good on her skin tone. The purse has a nice size, and the structure of the -kind of snake skin leather- is similiar to the print of her top. I would've liked it a little better, if the purse had been of a darker colour, so you can see it better on top of the white shorts. Speaking of the shorts, the big pockets on the front are a great detail. They built a cool contrast to the rest of the rather cute look.
Personally I think this looks amazing on her, but I'd probably choose to wear a longer top, since I am not that comfortable showing much skin.

Style: 7/7
Colours: 6/7
Individuality: 3/3
Personal Opinion: 2/3

Total: 9/10

2nd Outfit

aesthetic, vintage, and cute image

The combination of a printed T-Shirt and patterned pants is really cool in my opinion. I know, for some it still looks strange, but especially with simple prints like this, I see no problem in combining it with a patterned pair of pants or a skirt. The purse is cute and simple, I've got nothing to complain. But, something is missing in this outfit. After looking at it fo a while I was finally able to figure out what it is. A belt. Without one it looks a little like pyjamas, doesn't it?

Style: 5/7
Colours: 7/7
Individuality: 3/3
Personal Opinion: 2/3

Total: 8.5/10

3rd Outfit

clothes, cool, and fashion image

Wow. This is a VERY bright colour. I guess it is a set? Since the buttons on the blazer are black, it is really clever to wear a black top with it. Sunglasses, purse and necklace work with it, too. Her shoes do not though. You can only see a small part of her left foot, but you can tell it is a white shoe that she wears. Since white isn't included anywhere else, they don't match the rest of the outfit.
And again, the look suits her, but I would NEVER wear it.

Style: 7/7
Colours: 6/7
Individuality: 3/3
Personal Opinion: 0/3

Total: 7/10

Okay, thats it for now. Give this article a heart, if you want me to write a third part. Feel free to send me fashion pictures, that you want me to rate next time.

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Love you guys,
Lima xxx