So a year ago i met someone special. He was my first kiss but then distance got the best of us and we are both terrible communicating on the phone and we couldn't get to know each other. we started to drift away and he LEFT me on read and i think i got the message he was bored of me and wasn't interested with me "sometimes silence speaks clearer than words can ever do". So me as a persistent girl i tried to do tricks he could notice me without me texting him.
i tried to post instagram photos and had captions that directed towards him(im pretty sure we all have done this trick). i 'accidently texted him' but then i came to the realisation that i should give up and get over him

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Man this was very hard to do.


  • Talk to your friends

speaking to your friends helps a lot, My friends helped start focus on the negative and notice the bad things about the person i was attached lets call him "Adam". my friends really criticised me and made me feel okay and were very honest , they gave advice that I tried to avoid.

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This helps make your mind clear , when i journalised about Adam i even admitted i loved him i also started writing down things that i knew but i was trying to avoid. "like i deserved someone would care about and put as much effort as i did" i feel writing down your emotions on paper reveals how you really feel and thoughts that you try to brush off in your mind.

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no. you don't change. CHANGE his name on your phone. so when he texts you , you don't instantly reply to him. i changed him to "doesnt care" (it sound silly but this helped me a lot when i was to reluctant to remove him from my phone)


try find something better to do to get our mind off him.
i started excercing and working on abs. going on hikes. spending more time with my friends and started reading tons of books and this absolutely helped. I EVEN STARTED FOCUSING ON SCHOOL

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  • REMEMBER; that people came in your life to teach you something and leave once they have. Everything happens for a reason there might be a reason why this person entered your life and you should be thankful.

there's more i left from him ; sometimes when someone leaves you, don't be sad sit down and think of the things you learnt from them and how it improved your life

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Thank you for reading this article hope it helps comment your opinion