I have a bit of a busy life, which makes planning and organizing my life a necessity for me. I've been making to do lists for years and have had multiple journals. Right now, I have two notebooks that are the perfect way to keep an overview of not only what I have to do, but also of what I can do to improve my life.


My first notebook is a mix of an agenda, a songwriting book and a journal. At the beginning, I've written down my ideal morning, after school and night routines, a list of recipes I'd like to make, a list of the books I want to read and a list of the tv-series and movies I want to see.

After that, there's a scheme for every day of the week. For each day, I've written down how long I'll be at school, when I'm going to train, when I have to work, when I'll practice for my singing and piano classes and when I'll have time to hang out with friends. I've also written down when I'm going to spend time working on my goals, such as make a healthy recipe every Sunday, go to the library once a week to do all my homework for that week, make a tasty breakfast when I don't have to go to school first period and exercise every day. This scheme counts for my first semester of the school year, which is approximately 2.5 months.

Then, I'll make an overview for every month. It's just an easy way to see if I have big things coming up that month, such as birthday parties, test week, trips etc. Right now, I only have this overview for August since I kinda make this journal agenda thing along the way. This means that I make the scheme for every day of the week when a new semester begins, and the overview for every month when a new month begins. In between that time, I just write down random things that I have to do, such as going out for lunch with a friend, getting someone a present and assignments I get in class. When I have time or I'm going to study, I put them together in a list or planning.

Because I have this notebook with me every day, I also use it for the creative side of my life. I love writing little poems and turn them into songs when I'm at home, which is why the notebook will be covered in texts too.

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In short, this notebook will be about planning, keeping up with my habits and creativity. I use this notebook because I think this is the perfect way to accomplish the goals I've set for myself and to do all the things I have to do without being stressed or confused.

My inspiration book

The second book I use to organize my life, is a inspiration book. At the beginning, I've written down parts of the articles on WeHeartIt I really liked and made collages of inspirational photos. For me, this is an indication of how I want to live my life.

After that, I've written down all my ideas about this school year, such as my style, outfit ideas, make-up looks, how to make homework and how to organize parties. I've also written down every plan I've made up about my further future, such as go to Byron Bay (Australia) for a year or so to work in a restaurant and surf, how I want to furnish my future home and where I'd like to study.

I made this book because I want to live my life right, chase my dreams and be present. I want to be fully aware of the things I do and how I live my life, and this is how I think I'll be able to do that!

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I hope this helps you if you want to plan your life out just as much as I do :)