• Germany

- Jetzt rufst du an by Loredana
- Im film by Luciano
- Babygirl by Shindy

Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, crush, and daddy image
  • Spanish

- Lady madrid by Pereza
- Fiebre by Bad Gyal
- Enchochado de ti by don Patricio

aesthetics, couple, and daddy image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image Image by Xavia kiss, lips, and red image
  • Italian

- Thoiry rmx by Achille Lauro
- Torna a casa by Maneskin
- Fumo da solo Izi

Temporarily removed aesthetic, grunge, and dark image Abusive image Abusive image
  • French

- Amour plastique by Videoclub
- Papaoutai by Stromae
- Problemes by PLK

Temporarily removed angel, shadow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • Korean

- Suffering for love by Eden
- Touch by Jus2
- Light by Ateez

aesthetic, blue, and light blue image blue, aesthetic, and makeup image blue, aesthetic, and sky image blue, ghost, and hands image
  • Chinese

- Take off by WayV
- How have you been? by Eric Chou
- Okay by Jackson Wang

aesthetic, water, and green image Image by e. aesthetic, green, and hands image flowers, aesthetic, and white image
  • Portuguese

- Bairro by Wet Bed Gang
- Impossiveis by Piruka
- Sushi by Nenny

Temporarily removed makeup, beauty, and eyes image Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and architecture image
  • Japanese

- Kizukeyo baby by The Oral Cigarettes
- Ying yang by Cross Gene
- From now on by Shinee

Image removed fashion and details image white, bed, and room image Image removed

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