''Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.''
- William Cullen Bryant

Since fall is coming soon, I want to give you some inspiration. With this list, you'll perfectly know what to do when the leaves are colored in brown, red and yellow.

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Go shopping

All the new autumn collections are in the stores, so make sure you'll check them out!

Make food & drinks

There are many fall classics, such as a pumpkin pie.


Have a bonfire with your loved ones and before you go, buy some marshmellows!

Take a walk

It's an easy one, but still very impressive to see all those colors around you.

Carve a pumpkin

Buy or search for a pumpkin in your neighbourhood, carve it, put a candle in it and there you go!

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Fall playlist

Search some songs to give you those cozy vibes.


Eating food and being outside, what more could you want?


Collect memories with taking some pictures!

Room makeover

Your room can't keep behind on the seasons, right? A tip: scented candles!

Halloween movies

If you'll do some digging, you'll find the perfect scary movies!

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See the world in her fall colors.


When it's a rainy day, settle yourself with a book!


To keep your heart filled with warmth.

Have a girls night

Bad weather can't stop a girls night at home.


Taking a warm, long bath.

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That's all for today!
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