So I started high school a few weeks ago. At first, I hated it because it had so many new people who were older than me, and looked a lot scarier than I hoped they were. I am a freshman and going into a whole new school can be horrifying. I always thought that the friends that I had in middle school would stick with me through high school. I was wrong. On the second day of school, I was sitting with my actual friends and some guy keeps looking at me. I will be honest he was a cutie. I didn't do anything about him looking at me for the next few days. I was scared he wouldn't like me for who I am. So finally on the 4th day of school, I walked up to him during lunch and I asked him for his number. I said my friend wanted his number so I didn't seem desperate. Later that night I texted him and he replied in seconds. I was absolutely speechless by how fast he replied. He told me that his name was Noah and he was a Jr. we talked for some time before I told him that I thought he was cute. He said I was and he wasn't. We are still fighting about who is cute to this day in our high school relationship.