Velvet Soul:

Why when you think you fixed it all, it gets all broken again. Like wasn't if enough that you tried to fix it in first time, and then the second and then you just forget to count how many times you tried.
I mean why life can't let us enjoy a whole day without ruining it ;

I want to listen to my favourite song without any interrupting
I want to enjoy the rain and dance without caring about my wet clothes
I want to watch my favourite movie and laugh my heart out
I simply want to enjoy those little things...

I personally would love to enjoy things more, like for real.People always say that we only live once but that's not true, actually we live everyday but we only die once.
Life, stress and routine can make us lazy, stressed and anxious the whole time.

I don't know what to say but...
Sometimes I think that stress makes our souls vanish from our bodies like it wants to be set free like a bird, who got stuck in a small cage, that enables you to breath to think or even exist.

However the important question is "How did we end up like this?" I mean we were fine when we were kids, we didn't have to worry about our health, education, our love life or even our future.
We used to live in the moment, just for the hell of it, that's why people nowadays choose to do a trip do a makeover, try a crazy type of food, or even go on a diet...

We try to fill the emptyness caused by the routine in our lives, by trying new things well dumb things, thinking that it will make our lives better.
No we have to start changing ourselves, and try to find the solution, try to talk to a close friend, a sibling or even write down our thoughts in a diary.
All I'm trying to say is that we have to let it all out, because it will make us feel better for a really long time.

Trying to make a weakness into a strengh is not that hard, we have to believe in ourselves and have faith because you never know what can happen...