Anxiety is dominating feeling of worry, nervousness or discomfort about a thing which has unpredictable likelihood.

A continued state of anxiety prompts producing of stress hormone in our system. In longer period it leads to the stage of stress building in our body. This is reflected in the symptoms like feeling of weakness, headache, upset stomach, aching and tense muscles, restlessness, interrupted sleep hours, chest pains and so on.

The stress is a result of our inability to tackle the circumstances we are in. The very word stress is significant and must be understood properly.
The basis for any of our circumstances is our own desire and our efforts to fulfill them. Failure to fulfill our desire leads to stress. This in turn affects our overall health inevitably.

Even we often observe that when we are under stress, our fingers of hands and toe are tensely curled inwardly or inwardly. And actually we are not at all aware of this thing.

Even some times we observe a person arguing to himself loudly trying to convince some thing unaware of his surroundings.


But here I would share my own experiences when my abnormal blood pressure was diagnosed.

I remember, during that particular days, I was working under tremendous pressure in my office, I could not even have time to share my state of mind with my dear ones. All my natural routines had become sort of mechanical process. For example, one afternoon I just could not remember what I had in my lunch half an hour ago. I tried and tried, but just could not remember. I tried to brush aside that subject, thinking that may be it was some thing peculiar pertaining to that day. But to my amazement, in next few days, I observed the same thing. I just could not remember well what I had in my breakfast or lunch. Not only that, to my surprise, I just could not remember the taste of the vegetable and salad I had, or whether I had pickle in my lunch or not.

Apart from that there were no other significant symptoms in my system that I noticed.

I realized further few facts that -
it had been so long, I did not enjoy sunrise or the sunset.
for a long long time I had not observed the trees, flowers, birds welcoming rising sun.
I used to interact with my family members at the minimum scale.
I was not particular about the color preference of my formal dress.
for a long long duration I did not remember the occasions when I enjoyed taking luxury bath.
I had nearly nil occasions shared with my close friends.
I could not enjoy my favorite hobby of listening music.
My smoking had increased.
I was not able to enjoy my lunch or dinner
I could not engage myself in my favorite hobby of reading.

After a few days, while commuting by train late in the night, I observed that I could not see the clear outline of the signals on the railway line. All the signal lights were appearing blur. Therefore, I decided to see my Ophthalmologist. In the routine initial check-up my BP was found to be 200/85.

So this is how I then consulted my physician who prescribed tablets for me for controlling my BP. And thus I started taking BP tablets twice a day on regular basis. There is no option.

In this aspect, I realized the need of having peace of mind. Avoiding agitated mind and to ensure to have peaceful mind is next significant step. Because agitated mind leads to health problems inevitably.

Hence having healthy mind is important.
Instead of going into various exercises, as you prefer it, I will share here with you the basic idea and significance of having a healthy mind.

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