you throw me around like a rag doll. you cut open my insecurities with your words. you feed my anxiety with your actions. and when someone you care for more comes along, you drop me like a cigarett butt.

you expect me to always he happy to make you feel better. you expect me to reply to your texts within a minute and answer your calls on the first ring. yet, you leave me on delivered for hours on end.

i am emotionally exhausted.

what if i treat you the way you treat me. you would fucking hate me. see, i let so many things slide because i love you. but you just take advantage of me. use me.

when you say "you have changed. you're not the same person." oh how i want to shout out: no shit. i've changed because of you. my eyes aren't as bright because i'm always fucking trierd. i'm not as naive as i was before because of how often you lie. "i got no reason to lie" you say, and that's the fucking problem! you lie for no reason!! i'm not as bubbly or happy anymore because of the way you treat me, now i'm looking in the mirror different, thinking maybe i'm flawed and maybe that's why you treat me the way you do.

you don't understand. no ,matter how many ways i tell you. and its slowly breaking my heart and tearing me appart. only one of us will survive this friendship and i'm starting to think it wont be me.

i fall apart and break down over this because when we first met you were my best friend. you were litrally me. and sometimes we still have those moment where we have fun and laugh so hard i fall off the bed, we still make food together and pretend were on a cooking show...i don't want to loose that. to me, everything you've put me through was worth it. but, i don't know if it is anymore.

i guess we did have something good. but, now we don't. and even though i don't love myself anymore, i wont tollerate this from you. i deserve better. next time you leave, i wont beg you to stay.