hello, i'm back! college starts next week ugh. luckily, i met some good friend and the lecturers looks nice though. also, i bought some college supplies to brighten my mood. i wish everything goes as i expect.

today's article is inspired by:


clothes, fashion, and outfit image Image by melody aesthetic, beige, and brown image Temporarily removed
simple and comfortable. girl-at-the-corner-of-the cafe style.


aesthetic, blue, and clouds image city, grey, and moscow image
i can't choose between pastel colors and earthy tones lol


cat, meme, and kitten image cat, glitter, and paws image
kitty kats


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, ice cream, and dessert image food, cake, and sweet image
sushi, pasta, anything with chocolate or cheese, omg there's a lottt


book, vintage, and aesthetic image book, coffee, and writing image Caribbean, beach vacation, and all inclusive resort image pizza, netflix, and love image
reading, writing, traveling and watching movies uwu


van gogh, wallpaper, and yellow image Image by ๊น€์„ฑ๊ทœ
the creative yet lazy one. a mix between otaku, arthoe wannabe and literature freak. ik that's so random.


quotes, text, and alone image architecture, design, and forests image art, draw, and drawing image quotes, head, and sad image
i'm a proud INFP. total creative and observer.

Dreams and Goals

around, blue, and on image room, book, and tumblr image
publish a best selling book, being able to travel the world and inspire a lot of people, but still keep in touch with friends and family <3


love, couple, and grunge image horror, aesthetic, and movies image
Any coming-of-age movies and psychological thriller


Image by alana introvert, introverts, and introverted image

that's all that i can write. luv u all <3

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