Please, love yourself.
You are beautiful just as you are, you are worth it.
Even though you're not the skinniest among your friends, even though you don't have a big breast or a bubbly butt.
You should be proud of yourself no matter what, because you're the only you in this world and that's what makes you unique.
Please, eat your favourite treat without feeling guilty afterwords; please enjoy that pizza or that slice of cake without thinking that it will make you fat or that you are already fat, because.. what is "fat"? Why do we have to believe we are not good enough? because some guys on magazines or on tv told us so? "flat stomach and big boobs is perfection"? Why? Why do we have to believe that this is true? They don't realize how that can hurt people. Or better, they do realize it but they just don't care.
So please, please be happy of your own self, you are good enough, don't you ever foget that.