For this article I got the idea from @MilleVanille.

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Image by Lena Ďurišová girl, outfit, and style image
Me: Casual
fashion, outfits, and spring image fashion, outfit, and blue image
Sister: Comfortable


Temporarily removed red, window, and dark image
Me: Red and Black
Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed shoes, heels, and style image
Sister: Yellow, pink, purple and grey


cheese, food, and foodie image food, comida, and frango frito image
Me: Fish and anything that has potatoes in it.
food, foodie, and mozzarella image food and delicious image
Sister: Anything loaded with cheese.


animals and dogs image animals and dogs image dog, puppy, and animal image puppies, puppy, and cutedog image
Sister and me: Dogs


chinese, poetry, and writing image writing, china, and unfiltered image
Me: Chinese
kafka, söz, and yazı image quotes image
Sister: Turkish


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pakistan, breathtaking, and paradise image Temporarily removed
Sister and me: Swat


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Me: Drawing and listening to music.
cake, chips, and egg image blanket, chill, and comfort image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, sleep, and ulzzang image
Sister: Cooking, watching movies and sleeping

Favorite movie/ show

Abusive image draw, drawing, and evil image sinister, mr. boogie, and bughuul image sinister, stephanie, and mr. boogie image
Me: Every horror movie
captain america, chris evans, and Marvel image iron man, Marvel, and ironman image Avengers, black panther, and Marvel image Temporarily removed
Sister: The boy who harnessed the wind and every single marvel movie.

Favorite actor/ actress

boy, kim taehyung, and sexy boy image Image removed pretty and bella thorne image bella thorne and beauty image
Me: Kim Taehyung, Cha Eunwoo and Bella thorne.
Image removed sebastian stan and anthony mackie image Temporarily removed Image removed
Sister: Tom Cruise and all of the MCU actors.

Favorite artist

ross lynch and rocky lynch image ross lynch and rocky lynch image kpop image the driver era, r5, and ross lynch image
Me: The driver era and all of K-POP.
beautiful, goals, and red carpet image Image removed Image by 𝑴𝒆𝒏𝒏𝒂🍒
Sister: Enrique Iglesias, Ellie goulding and Sia.

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