name: reese clinton
date of birth: may 4th, 2003, age 16
nationality: filipino
zodiac: taurus

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dyed hair (pale orange), brown eyes, 5'7", flat chested, flat ass

โ€ข introverted
โ€ข quiet
โ€ข moody
โ€ข edgy
โ€ข probably in her emo phase and she's aware of it
โ€ข secretly emotional. never talked to anyone about her feelings. most of the time her emotions bottle up inside.
โ€ข 90% of the time, she mentally beats herself up. the other 10% she spends time thinking how much she's fucking better than everyone.
"damn, i'm so great??"
"okay reese whatever makes you feel better"
โ€ข snarky
โ€ข loathes human interaction. because most of the time, it ends up with her not liking the other person, or the other person thinks she's strange.
โ€ข actually funny. although it kinda ruins the moment when she says the joke awkwardly, or when she thought of a joke/remark she couldn't say it because she's too shy or awkward. also, a lot of self deprecating jokes.
โ€ข determined, but lacks motivation. if that even makes sense.
โ€ข never confident

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creative/design field. she just wants a job that'll make her happy. or famous
fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, kfashion, and korea image asia, asian, and girl image themes image
casual. dr. martens and a lot of black. emo phase, remember?
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formal occasions. still a lot of black. except for prom night, maybe.
love interest

coming soon lol

แƒฆ thank you for reading! i hope this crappy article didn't make it too obvious that i don't know what i'm doing. i also hope this gave you some inspo! this oc is a character i made for a wattpad story written in filipino/tagalog and some of its chapters are in epistolary/chat/twitter format. here's the prologue:

"a story that focuses on her, but it isn't about her."

again, thank you for reaching this part of the article. my other articles: