- Wash your hair too often makes them dirty faster. So do it 2\3 times a week, no more (if possible).

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- When you wash your hair, don't use too hot water because makes them drier, brittle and dull.

- When you apply the shampoo, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips (never with nails).
And never apply the shampoo directly on the tips, it is counterproductive and makes them more fragile. Use the shampoo remnants you used for the scalp.

- When you apply the conditioner, make sure you have rinsed well all the shampoo and let the hair drip a little, otherwise the action of the balm is almost useless.

- For the last rinse use cold water, this helps to close the cuticles and make hair look shinier.

- Don't use always the same hair products, but alternate them. Because after a while the hair gets used to the product and this makes its action less effective.

- Use specific products for your hair type.

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- Nutrition plays an important role in hair health. So eat healthy and avoid sweets and fizzy drinks.
Drink a lot of water (it's very important!).
Add to your diet a lot of fruits and vegetables.

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- Once a week do a hair mask.

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- After washing the hair, do not rub them with a towel. But let them drip and then dab them very gently with a cotton cloth. This will prevent them from having bad frizz.

- With your hair still wet, use liquid crystals for hair before drying them. There are many on the market. They seal split ends and make hair less frizzy.

- Brush gentle your hair after wash them, wet hair breaks very easily.

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- Try to use hair straightener or iron as little as possible.
In summer, let them dry without hairdryer.

- Cut your hair ends once every 3\4 months to never have split ends.