Do you know this excitement when the new school year is approaching, so you read and watch all of the "back to school" articles and videos and suddenly you have a need to buy all those perfect notebooks, pens etc? If you are reading this, welcome, I was also that person - but - in this year I (finally) realized that I (We?) do not need to get brand new "essentials stuffs" to be ready for back to school season.

Maybe except this one if you do not have it:

WATER BOTTLE - metal or glass, as you wish

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Eco thing - sure thing! But think about how much money you can save if you don't buy bottled water every day. Furthermore, some of the shops have a possibility to exchange used glass bottles for new ones, so you only pay once for the "packaging", and later on, you're just paying for the fluid.

changes in LAPTOP

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Many articles on weheartit already talk about what ECOSIA is :) I encourage you to take a look at them.

UNWRITTEN pages from an old notebook

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One time, I was cleaning my attic , when I found many of my old notebooks. I have realized that there are many blank pages in them, so I decided to just cut them off and fasten them into a loose-leaf binder, for later use (This can be done in many nice and creative ways).

PENCILS > pens

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Easyy, I am just saying that pencils are underestimated. Think about, when can you use them instead of pen. They are the more eco-friendly option, and can also be fancy-looking.

NUTS snack pack

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I found it useful to have an "emergency snack" nearby when I am studying. Reccomendation: any kind of nuts which are good sources of fat, fiber and protein, they also contain a number of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and vitamin E.

Take care!