Am I afraid to fall again? Afraid that your arms make me feel at home, at peace but at the same time I feel like I'm falling into a trap.
I know damn well how this ends, it always ends the same way. With me full of reason and you with a stupid reaction. Because we were just not meant to be. No matter how many times we cross path in life.
That's why I've been so silent, but also very alert, evaluating your behaviour. And it seems you never learn because you make all the same mistakes over and over again.
It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself that one day, maybe one day, you will get it together because that's my heart bursting for you, when my head knows pretty well that won't ever happen.
You say you miss me and want to see my face, but I know you're just here to play one of your games. I don't have time to stay and watch you joke around.
Because that's who you are. When you don't get what you want from me you go try to find it in somebody else. And for that I'm tired, too tired.
I hope that one day, the day I know it won't ever come, you realize that life does not always go the way you want to, and that people are not toys that you can play with. Because I'm done being the person you always run to when things go bad. I don't want to fall anymore.