Since fall is already there I might start writing my autumn series. I hope I will finish all my fall-ish articles. As you can see by the title I'm gonna give you my favorite autumn bops which I like listening to while I'm reading or doing some cleaning in the house. I really hope you will like it !
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1. Brooklyn Nights - Johnny Gates
2. Two Punks In Love - bullow
3. thinking 2 much - Jeremy Zucker
4. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

candle, autumn, and fall image coffee, autumn, and rain image

5. Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran
6. City Lights - The Hollow Men
7. Paris In The Rain - Lauv
8. Speak Easy - Mansionair

girl, autumn, and vintage image bake, baking, and bread image

9. Can I Be Him - James Arthur
10. All Too Well - Taylor Swift
11. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
12. Where Were You In The Morning? - Shawn Mendes

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13. I Won't Tell A Soul - Charlie Puth
14. September Song - JP Cooper
15. False Confidence - Noah Kahan
16. The Promise - Tracy Chapman

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This is just a preview to my playlist so check out the link bellow if you want to see my whole playlist on Spotify !

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Andreea Pantea
Andreea Pantea