Is saying sorry supposed to make it better? Is saying sorry supposed to make it hurt less? I don’t understand, I know you’re just trying to say that you didn’t want to hurt me, and you did in fact say that directly too, but guess what? You did. You did hurt me, and I don’t care if you think I deserve better, because even if there was such a thing, I wanted you.
Did I not show that? What changed after you told me you feel safe with me? It hurts and I keep wondering if it was something I did to change your mind.
And I hate that I still miss you. Because nothing can change the fact that we could’ve been perfect. But you wanted out and I can’t make you change your mind.
You say you miss me too, but I guess not enough to want to get back together. And it does hurt. So how are you going to say you don’t want to hurt me and then go and break my heart? How is that fair?
Sorry won’t make this okay. Sorry won't make bubble wrap appear around my heart.