Hello everybody, my name is Tesha and this is my first article here on WeHeartIt. Maybe this might not get any views but it's worth a shot, as I'm struggling to find good quality pen pals.


So I'm doing a post to hopefully connect with other people, as I'd love a person to send letters to and for them to send them back quite frequently.

A little bit about me... I'm 16 years old and I consider myself and so do others, an old soul. I'm very mature for my age I think that's because I've been through a bit over the years that have made me grow up a bit faster than others. But I honestly wouldn't have it any other way as I like being mature and more grown-up. I find I talk and get along with people older than me. I'm just saying this because I'm looking for mature people to connect with.

I'm a very creative person, I love many things... Like photography which is a big one. And painting and pen palling haha. A big thing for me at the moment is my business. I'm a bit of an entrepreneur!! I make handmade products and I wouldn't mind sending them in the letters/parcels either as a gift. I'm also starting up another business which is an online boutique. And I'll sell my products on there but also other things, like clothes. I'm in school at the moment I've just gone back to school, I've been homeschooled for the last 7 months. But I've decided I don't like school and I'm going to probably end at the end of this year and just not continue with it. I might do some homeschooling but I'm just wanting to focus on my business and connect with other creative people.

I also love to travel, I wish I could travel all the time... Maybe one day I can. My family and I have a house bus and we going travelling away in it and it's the best hehe. One day I'd like to be a travel journalist and travel the world.

That's all, for now, to do with about me, but there is much more I can share I just am writing a lot already.

So in pen palling, I'm looking for pen pals that are willing to talk often. I've not had very good experience with pen palling which sucks as I've put a lot of effort and love into my letters and got nothing back in return. So I am looking for someone that won't leave me hanging lol and is willing to be creative. Oh and I'd love to do candy swaps and stuff I think that would be cool. And send beautiful things to one another.

Oh, I also forgot to mention I'm into the Wiccan religion and witchcraft and would love someone else like that too, but not a necessity. Just we could send magical things to one another hehe.

Anyway, that's all for now, you can message me or message me on Instagram @tesha_rose!!

Lots of love Tesha. Xx