Hi everyone ! By reading the title you must have understood what this article is regarding about.

This post is not only how it can help you to reach your weight goal but its about a little story on my whole weight loss journeyy. So when I was 13 years old I had to go through mentally a lot.It resulted me in binge eat more often than ever and consume more unhealthy food. At that time I felt it would be easier to lose the excess weight when I grow up just how it was easier for me to gain the weight in the short span.Little did this stupid knew howwww toughhhh it is.

Time lapse to 2 years later when I cared the most about my physical self like an average teenager. I gained so much weight that life became more difficult for me. There was a day I remember when I came back to school looking a little exhausted, I felt so insecure that when I went into the lift, I hesitated to look at myself in the mirror.... at that moment I would say I hit the rock bottom;(

Time lapse to a year and half later, now I lost almost 10 kg Alhamdulillah. From 75kg to 66kg btw I'm a 5'5 girl.It took me literally 2 years to know what would work for me. What demotivated me the most was others who I saw on youtube who used to rave abput lossing 5kg a month and akk dat.

~Firstly, believe in your own drip and not to compare yourself to other's journey.
~Be more conscious about your diet than your workout.
~Swear by water. Its going to be your only constant through out the journey.
~Have cheat meals not days. If you had a high calorie based meal in your dinner then make sure to have some oats or eggs in your breakie.
~Calorie counting every meal is a myth. Do it initially but for a longer time it will make your life more stressful.
~Its okay, if you haven't lost even a kg in your first month, believe in yourself and you will gradually see the results.
~Do not starve it will make you binge eat by end of the night which will make you gain double the weight.
~snack options: puffed rice, scrambled egg with mushroom , citrus fruits, soup.
~Make sure to drink a glass of water with little acv and a squeezed lemon before going to bed since I don't like green tea.
~Drink soda or beverages once a week at minimum.

Okay its a wrap, do let me know for any further questions:)