A - age

hands, water, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and body image
I'm born in 2002, that makes me 17

B - best movie

call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and cmbyn image call me by your name, love, and armie hammer image
'Call me by your name'

C - clothing

accessories, necklace, and gold image fashion, classy, and sandals image
fashion is my passion

D - desire

travel, sea, and ocean image clouds, sky, and blue image
travel the world and help people in need

E - elephants

elephant, green, and tropical image theme, rp, and aesthetic image
most gorgeous creatures alive

F - feature

freckles, girl, and smile image holiday, life, and nature image
I like my nose (I used to hate my nose)

G - gender

woman, quotes, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

H - habit

quotes, words, and life image flowers, water, and aesthetic image
striving for justice and fairness (every single day)

I - in love with

aesthetic, green, and quotes image cat, animal, and cute image
my cat

J - my dream job

architecture, desert, and Dream image desert image
I'd love to do something history related like an archaeologist or journalist

K - kind of guy

couple, love, and kiss image theme, rp, and aesthetic image
passionate, adventurous, spontaneous and kind

L - length

Temporarily removed care, details, and fashion image
I'm 6'0

M - music

rock and bon jovi image Image by 鹿ノ子
my forever favorite song is 'Always' from Bonjovi

N - nationality

amsterdam image Temporarily removed
I'm from the Netherlands

O - oddly satisfying

style, art, and clothing image Image removed

P - plans for 2019

aesthetic and summer image Image by Deja
I want to enjoy my last year of highschool and focus on myself

Q - favorite quote

aesthetic, plants, and green image fashion, green, and aesthetic image
“It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” - Stephen King

R - biggest regret

quotes, aesthetic, and rainbow image car, sky, and travel image
letting other people's opinions control me

S - surfing

beach, summer, and surf image beach, summer, and surf image
what I did all summer

T - travel

beach, travel, and nature image asia, grass, and green image
I'd love to visit Indonesia one day

U - utrecht

city and theme image book, aesthetic, and theme image
cutest city in the Netherlands

V - vegetarian

fashion, food, and meals image aesthetic, gold, and silk image
no meat for me

W - my wallpapers

nature, beach, and travel image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

X - xxx

flowers, nature, and aesthetic image Image by sündos
for my friends, I love them

Y - your favorite activity

Temporarily removed aesthetic, pale, and pastel image
vintage shopping

Z - zodiac sign

stars, overlay, and constellation image nails and cherry image

Thanks for reading my first article, should I do more? :)