HELLO! it's back to school season, a new year is starting, so i made a big decision: to go on a diet. don't worry, i'm not going to skip meals! i decided to do something very healthy, without major deprivation, with lots of sport and practical tips.

PS: i am a pre-professional dancer, which means that i will have more than 20 hours of sport per week, so my diet is likely to go faster than someone who only does 2 or 3. i'll do a few exercises next door but i won't do whole workouts at home.

are you ready?

โ€• what my days will be like?

i'm going to make a tracker of all the things i have to do in order. here they are:

โ˜ sleep at least 8-9 hours
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sleep is the very foundation of our lives. it allows the brain to clean itself and assimilate everything that has happened to it during the day.
โ˜ drink 1/2 liter of cold green tea when you wake up
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cold water, in addition to waking up with a big chill, boosts metabolism, and green tea gives energy.
โ˜ do 30-50 ab crunches and squats
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sport is more effective before the first meal.
โ˜ eat a solid breakfast with proteins, fruits and yogurt
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it is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. be careful about eating healthy and drinking well.
โ˜ do not take dessert at lunch
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in general, avoid added and unnatural sugars.
โ˜ drink a hot green tea
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it's excellent for digestion.
โ˜ eat fruits instead of snacks
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snacks are your ennemies.
โ˜ eat light in the evening
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eat mostly vegetables and avoid sugar.

โ€• the tips i collected

- no gluten
- no sweets
- no sodas
- no ice cream
- no cake
- when hungry, drink almond milk
- no cafeine
- no chips
- no processed food
- do sport

โ€• skin care

โ˜ make a mask twice a week
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โ˜ exfoliate once a week
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โ˜ moisturizes your skin in the morning and evening
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โ˜ wash your pillowcase regularly
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โ˜ don't touch your face too often
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โ˜ avoid makeup
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it's finish :)

remember that you look good no matter what your body shape, but taking care of it is better for your health. don't diet if you don't need it. my goal is to improve my lifestyle to have more energy for this new year! i'll take a look back in a month to tell you if the diet has worked.

to date, i measure 5'6, i weigh 59kg, my thighs touch and my waist is 27 inches. my goal is to return to 50kg and lose some waist.

hope this article helped you!

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