God of blacksmiths, metalworking, fire, volcanoes.
Symbols: hammer, anvil, tongs, volcano.
Parents: Hera alone.

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Hera gave birth to Hephaestus on her own as revenge for Zeus giving birth to Athena without her (Zeus lay with Metis). Hephaestus was present at the birth of Athena and wields the axe with which he split Zeus' head to free her. In the latter account, Hephaestus is there represented as older than Athena, so the mythology of Hephaestus is inconsistent in this respect.

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๐— ๐˜†๐˜๐—ต๐˜€
ยท Harmonia: Harmonia was Aphrodite's daughter from her adulterous union with Ares. To get revenge on Aphrodite, on the girl's wedding day he presented her with a beautiful, cursed necklace which brought doom to her and her descendants.
ยท Orion: Orion was a giant was blinded by King Oinopion of Khios. When he came to Hephaistos seeking help, the god gave him his servant Kedalion to guide him to the sun-god Helios and have his sight restored.

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