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So my cold is definitely not getting better, I feel so fuzzy and sleepy. I just want to sleep all day and watch Netflix and do nothing, but I can't because I have shit to do and it is not right to just throw everything out the window. But I do think I should rest.

Today French class was the worst, I was sitting with my friends and we were all so done. Ale and I started playing tic-tac-toe by the end of the activity and the funniest part is that he wasn't beside me so we threw a post-it over Irina's head (one of my friends). The teacher went back to being a pain in the ass and yelling at people. Damn it man, cool it off.

On the happy note I wrote and essay and Mema didn't love it but then Dayler loved it, and I am really proud of it. Also my mom read it and she said it is fucking awesome and I know you may be thinking "it is your mom she would obviously love it." Nah-ah mister, I have thrown away drawings and stories thanks to that woman's opinion.

I am eating sushi tomorrow, peace out

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Day 19: Write a letter to a person that makes you feel loved.

To you,

I think we became very good friends after a fight and then during research sessions and then going to a trip, or when you gave me advice because you already knew the drill of my situation, or because we were kind of bored in a friend's birthday and sat down to randomly talk about our lives. The point is that our paths did cross and for now we are still walking it hand in hand.

I like to believe that life is like a book and we are all characters. In my book I am the main character and you are a partner in crime who helps me achieving goals, or you are the sweet classmate that didn't mind staying up till late to comfort my broken heart, or the stranger with whom I crossed stares in school. The important thing is that you appeared in my book maybe 30 chapters ago, or 10, or 6, and still I can say with certainty that you will keep appearing in the upcoming ones. I want to believe that you will keep showing up as I read this book that life is.

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I know that you are trying to find your place to fit in and that you are learning to say goodbye to people that don't do you well, or that you are working on the insecurities people in your past have put inside your head, or that you are too afraid to show who you really are and hid it behind laughs and carelessness. And I am so grateful that even though you are a main character in your book and that you have 1 or 1.000.000 problems running in your lines, you still take the time to be the character in my book that is there. That cares, that worries, that think I matter, that takes time for me, that hasn't walk away, that is there for me, that makes my days bright, that helps me, that loves me.

And I love you. I do. I love too hard, with all my might, with all my mind, and my heart, and my soul. I love you, with all your flaws and insecurities, with all your demons and your nightmares, and with all your dramas and bad days. But I also love you with your success and achievements, with your goals and dreams, with your clinginess and care, and with your stories and pretty days.

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I know I am a pain in the ass. That weird shit runs inside my head and I have tons of flaws and demons haunting me, that I don't open up so much and I probably haven't told you huge things I have done that you wouldn't even imagine, and that I am so possessive because I am insecure that you will leave me. Because, at this point, who hasn't? And still, there is no human being that makes me feel as loved as you, with your big paragraphs and long phone calls, or with your doodles on my arms and your listener ability, or with your coffee and honest talks about our lives in your balcony.

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The point here is that I love you and I am grateful that you take bits of your time just to be there for me, to listen to me, to be my friend. You are my partner, or my boo, or my little turtle, and I don't know what I would be right now if your character hadn't slide into my life. I hope we have dozens of chapters, hundreds of pages, thousands of lines, and millions of words left in this book together.

With so much love my heart could burst,
Your partner, your boo, your little turtle.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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