Inspired by the cute articles "if my cat were human" 🌻


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Q-Tip Yeah.. yes, like the actual q-tips, also known as "Q". My stepbrother named him, I never asked why, it just fits his wild personality.


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"Q" is fully white furred and medium in height with very dark brown eyes. He's a rescue, so I don't know his exact breed, I would say he's a maltese poodle mix.


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Q's style would be completely comfortable and casual grunge. T-shirts, black jeans or knee shorts, comfy pullovers, and messy hair because he's too lazy to brush it


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Q's an ambivert by far. During mornings he's always ready for cuddles and kisses and belly rubs. If you have food, he wants it. He'll make you feel bad with those giant brown eyes until you give in and share with him. He's completely stubborn and does what he wants, he can and will bite or fight you when pushed. Does not like strange men in his territory, he will bite/ attack, but only barks at strange girls. But loves family and friends, VERY affectionate!!! Never stops giving you kisses if he loves you! You have to tell him no, otherwise he'll lick/kiss you forever!! He can be very clingy, and will follow you room to room. He can also be quiet, and enjoys his alone time. He has anxiety and adhd which he takes meds for, and can get super crazy hyper when happy or excited. He is strong and loves to run, always walking me on our walks instead of me walking him. He also loves sitting in the sun on warm days☀️


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He loves sunny days and will spend most of the time outside, he doesn't get bothered easily by heat or rain. I think if he were human, he would love to cook and eat. He would also enjoy running and cross country. He is athletic and a nature lover. He would also be the type to be found cuddled up in a library chair reading, most likely science fiction or graphic novels.

Zodiac sign;

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Since I didn't adopt him myself, i'm not sure what month he was born in. But since Aries is a wild sign, we'll go with that one.

Thank u for reading :) I will do more soon with my other dogs.

xoxo J