my school

style image study, college, and book image
little and christian school, private school, we don't wear skirts

my friends


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion and girl image aesthetic and a image
she's super smart, kind, quiet, gives me calm


boi, boy, and cutie image boy, nike, and pale image aesthetic, asian, and pale image love, equality, and immigrants image
he's the gay boy, super loud, crazy, makes me feel like i fit


cold and me image Temporarily removed grunge, indie, and pale image quotes, that 70s show, and aesthetic image
always makin bad jokes, super smart, good in math, kinda stupid


curvy, fashion, and outfit image lashes, Tattoos, and body goals image quote and girls can be heroes too image shoes, heart, and pale image
the hot girl, she sings like the gods, kinda hater but kind


gothic, castle, and church image light, pink, and neon image Image removed paris, moulin rouge, and 1900 image
my favourite classes are history, english and french

spare time at school

Temporarily removed skin, grunge, and michelle image Temporarily removed friends, book, and friendship image
i use to be alone, tho, sometimes i speak with some people, i'm a loner girl, i just eat and if someone talk to me i'll do