Track 1- My Darling

Do you know what My Darling said about you? She said you were a bad man. I'll k!ll you once, And for her I'll do it again.
girl, smoke, and cigarette image Temporarily removed car, fire, and charlotte lawrence image Abusive image

Track 2- GIRLS

Mom said, How much trouble could they get in? They're just Girls.
Temporarily removed Image removed pink, money, and aesthetic image girl, the 1975, and grunge image

Track 3- Vintage

She said I gotta old soul. I'll watch a million old movies. She calls me Marilyn Monroe. I just like anything Vintage. Didn't cha know?
girl, kiss, and lesbian image dior, girl, and orange image vintage, girls, and 90s image Playboy, aesthetic, and magazine image

That's it. Only 3 Songs but you get the point ;)
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