Hey, person that’s reading! Thanks for stopping by :)
So, I have a crush. He goes to my high school. And, it’s not hat he’s cute, a good person or good for me it’s just that because I’ve liked him since the beginning of high school I’m just used to like him.

Here’s the thing, he likes someone else sad songs starts playing yep. I am proud to say that I’m almost completely over him ‘cause I recently discovered that he is a really dirty minded person and not in an attractive way but in a “high schooler ew way”, you know?

I titled the article “Crush Me” ‘cause I feel like I’m just a masochist person that even though I know it’s NEVER gonna happen I just keep making myself dream of that “moment”

Anyways, I’m working on it and I’m working on having the courage to tell him that I had a crush on him (past tense ;D)

Just wanted someone to know my somewhat accomplishment of getting over my crush. It is possible :D
This is a really mediocre article/blog/diary but whatever it’s 10pm, I’m sleepy, the weather is kinda cold celebrates and I have school tomorrow.

Ok, bye! <3

UPDATE 30/08/19: I discovered he is worse than I thought so I am officially over him yay me!