These are some of my favorite Korean series but not to say that they are your favorite may taste different, but I hope you enjoy this post.

My First First Love
at the age of 20, yun tae-o wins his grandfather's house as a gift. but soon finds out that living alone is not cool as you thought.

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this was the first korean series i saw, i started seeing other korean series, it has seasons 1 and 2 on netflix.

Well-Intended Love
Xia Lin uncovers Yizhou and Jintian's complicated past, and receives unexpected, potentially transformative news.

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It was the second one I came to in three days because I got addicted, this one only has 1 season.

Love Alarm
JoJo ponders what it's like to like someone and thinks the shield may be unnecessary. Sun-oh wants to know if she still feels anything for him.

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this is a famous love triangle cliché, this only has 1 season

Romance Is a Bonus Book
Annoyed to learn that Dani has accepted SEO-jun's invitation to leave, Eun-ho uses a message to interrupt the meeting, which turns into a big disappointment.

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this was the last one that I chose so funny this already has a little comedy.

So these people around the world hope you enjoy my post. and if you are a fan of Korean series like me, let's accept indication of other series, if you are so, as I know this motto, when we started a Korean series we couldn't stop seeing. until the next article, sorry for my english, it's horrible.