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name: lana myers
birth: september 27th, 2002
zodiac: libra
sexuality: bi


asian, asian girls, and beautiful image piercing, lips, and septum image


Temporarily removed accessories, angel, and angels image archive, cyber, and edgy image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image nike, sneakers, and soft image chains, choker, and sydn4sty image


beauty, body, and clothes image alternative, aesthetic, and jewelry image fashion, style, and outfit image nails, angel, and aesthetic image beauty, bling, and cosmetics image Temporarily removed


glitter, eyes, and makeup image stars, aesthetic, and eyes image makeup, red, and aesthetic image eyes and makeup image


girl interrupted, quotes, and movie image Image removed 1989, alternative, and grunge image quotes, baby, and movie image nerve, quotes, and boy image whatever, quotes, and full house image

love interest

euphoria, fez, and hbo image euphoria and angus cloud image euphoria, cassie, and fez image euphoria, hbo, and zendaya image


euphoria, zendaya, and hunter schafer image euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image drugs, euphoria, and hbo image euphoria, goth, and hbo image
rue, jules, maddy, lexi and kat

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