This is my first article and I thought it would be nice to talk about my achievements and experiences I had throughout the year so far.

Okay so where do I begin?

Well, let's start with the main goals I had for my 2019's Resolutions:

  • Restrict my time on my phone, especially with social media
  • Take care of my plants (birthday gift but they will have to at least survive until march)
  • Graduate from my bachelor's degree and look for graduate programs
  • Exercise and drink lots of water
  • Maintain a skin routine

They made sound normal, but hey, all these things are difficult for me to keep up and maintain a habit. What I never thought was that none of these things were shocking resolutions. I did become a water drinker constantly, have a new skin routine which my skin actually thanks me so much (including going to the dermatologist), and all the other things above. As I said, I was never prepared for SHOCKING resolutions I never thought I would do, much less this year.

I actually:

  • Saw a Broadway musical which was Hamilton and I loved it! It's a pity that I was alone because I wanted to gush about it so much when it finished! But the music, the choreography, Lin Manuel and the cast... All of it was truly once in a lifetime experience.
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I saw it on January and it was my first Broadway musical. Hopefully I will see more in the future.
  • I volunteered a few times around my community. After being turned down on a research, I felt pretty sad but decided to use that free time into something productive and I did. I volunteered and learned so much from those experiences.
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  • I had a love experience. It didn't turn out as I hoped, but I learned and I am thankful for the time we had together. Truly, as time passed, I am grateful for having that experience and I now know for certain what I want for me and what I deserve.
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As someone great said: Thank you, next.
  • Learned and still learning a new language which is Italian. I have been learning for at least 6 months and took 2 courses of it already.
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I am now reading The Little Prince in Italian (which is my favorite book) and then I will also read Coraline in Italian
  • Thanks to my Italian beginner class, I took beginner/intermediate Italian class... IN SIENA, ITALY. I TOOK CLASSES IN ITALY. Not only that, I went with my best friend on this trip and it was the most exciting thing I have done. I learned so many things about myself, explore a whole new culture, met so many people I now treasure in my heart and most of all, I learned that I am truly ready for this whole adulthood. Most of my friends told me I was this determined and independent girl that I didn't believed them until I got this experience. I am independent and that month meant everything to me from the most simple liking of learning a new language to a whole level of loving, accepting and empowering myself.
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I have been to a lot of beautiful cities around Tuscany, as well as Rome and Vatican City,
  • Read books on my free time which since beginning college. I was mostly reading university lectures, chapters, etc., that I never had time to read in my free time. The reason why this is shocking is because its been nearly year I haven't read more than one book on my free time, a book I actually wanted to read that it was not related to college work or for research.
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  • Tried so much food. You have no idea how many new dishes, drinks and desserts I have tasted. I am not a picky eater, but man... I was open to so many food choices and while doing so, I also met people! It was two experiences in one and it was great!
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Most of the food that I tasted was in Italy. So basically, I ate traditional itialian dishes, like pappardelle al cinghiale, pici di Pienza. And of course, my friends made me try Asian food like sushi and Ramen with amazing Thai vegetables. Those four are now my favorite dishes
At the beginning of the year, I would must not certainly write and post about this, but this year has been pretty defining for me. I still have four more months to go and I do not intend to finish it just yet. As the challenges I have faced this year, I have to look at the brightest experiences I have encountered and learned, and will continue to. Besides, it's good that I share this so I can remember the good things that has happened throughout 2019.

After all, life is a journey filled with many open possibilities. It is up to you to decide if you have the courage to discover and enjoy them.

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- Corsolis