This is a small article with some ideas for aesthetics videos.

IG: @giodark__

Youtube Channel: Gio Dark

1- how to make VSCO filters (make a video with a single static filter so you will get more videos and more views).

2- Watch me edit (if you know and you like to edit fandom videos you can teach others how to edit).

3- My editing evolution (if you have your first edits and your most recent edits you can compile with them, remember to put some text explaining when and in which app you did it).

4- Aesthetic outfits (make your own outfits and upload them to YouTube, I recommend that you put the price of the clothes, size and brand of clothes / store).

5- how to order your phone (It is a way to teach others to know where they have all their apps and find them fast, you can put it in folders by colors or by the initial of each app).

6- How to make your phone aestethic (I don't have much to add but you can find many "peach" or "dark" backgrounds on my "We Heart It" channel).

And these are some of the few ideas I have, soon more will come.

This article will be in Spanish and German very soon.

Thank you for watching and enjoy!