Hello! My name is Ana-Maria and this is my first article.
I didn't know exactly about what I wanted to write, but I will start with a subject that I love very very much: MUSIC!

First of all, I want to tell you that I listen many genres of music, and if you want to share one of your favourite songs with me, I am open to listen.

My principal genres/subgenres of music are:

folk metal
gothic metal
classic rock
heavy metal
alternative rock

Bands/Artists that I usually listen to:

1. Pearl Jam

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pearl jam, grunge, and eddie vedder image

Origin: Seattle, 1990
Members: Eddie Vedder (solist), Mike McCready (lead guitarist), Stone Gossard (secondary guitarist), Jeff Ament (bassist), Matt Cameron (present drummer)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock
Some favourite songs: Garden, Black, I am mine, Of The Girl, Indifference

2. Soundgarden

soundgarden image
alternative, boys, and handsome image

Origin: Seattle, 1984
Members: Chris Cornell (Solist and guitarist), Kim Thayil (solo guitar), Ben Shepherd (Bassist), Matt Cameron (Drummer)
Genres: Grunge, Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock
Some favourite songs: Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Fell On Black Days

3. Pink Floyd

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band, music, and Pink Floyd image

Origins: Cambridge, 1964
Members: David Gilmour (solist and guitarist), Roger Waters (bassist), Syd Barett (guitarist, vocalist for a small period - 1963-1972), Richard Wright (keyboardist), Nick Mason (drummer)
Some Favourite Songs: Hey, You, Comfortably Numb, High Hopes, Shine On You, Crazy Diamond,

4. Led Zeppelin

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60s, aesthetic, and bands image

Origin: London, 1968
Members: Robert Plant (solist), Jimmy Page (guitarist), John Paul Jones (keyboards), John Bonham (drummer)
Genres: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal
Some favourite songs: Stairway To Heaven, Dazed and Confused, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

5. Metallica

metallica, lars ulrich, and James Hetfield image
Image by Kayla

Origin: Los Angeles, 1981
Members: James Hetfield (solist), Lars Ulrich (drummer), Kirk Hammet (lead guitarist), Robert Trujillo (bassist)
Genres: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Some favourite songs: Ride the Lightning, The Unforgiven, Whenever I May Roam

That's all for the moment. I will write a next part very soon!
Hugs ^^