who is heather.


Been seeing a couple of people do this recently and thought I'd give it a shot. You all now, get to know a bit about me.


outfit and pink image fashion, girl, and outfit image style, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, best friends, and blogger image


Temporarily removed filter, shoes, and vans image car, grunge, and boots image Image removed


backpack, black, and disney image Image removed


beauty, fashion, and jewels image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image girl, nails, and ring image aesthetic, freckles, and gloss image


Temporarily removed hair, girl, and hairstyle image brown and eyes image brown, brown eyes, and everyday image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nails, red, and beauty image Image removed


Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image aesthetic, aesthetics, and airplane image Temporarily removed


owl, dark, and night image Temporarily removed duck, animal, and nature image dogs, inspiration, and lovely image


food, cheese, and delicious image Chicken, food, and French Fries image healthy, salad, and vegan image delicious and food image


fruit, voss, and water image coffee, drink, and food image cold, delicious, and frappe image Image removed

Passion & Lifestyle

book, library, and reading image netflix, coffee, and article image room, bed, and home image nike, vintage, and retro image tea cup, og, and bed image eyeshadow, makeup, and girls image


10 things i hate about you, quotes, and movie image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blue, aesthetic, and monday image Image by {V}

Dreams & Goals

blue, blue eyeshadow, and bright colours image couple, love, and boy image aesthetic, california, and cars image room, bedroom, and home image Image removed wedding image


quotes, time, and pink image break, cry, and heartbreak image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, smile, and stranger image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


funny, lol, and meme image life, meme, and problem image funny, lol, and me image meme and funny image


dave franco and now you see me image tom holland image annabelle and doll image harley quinn, suicide squad, and hurt image


autumn, dried leaves, and Dry Leaves image Temporarily removed best friend, costume, and fun image Temporarily removed


aquarius image aquarius image

So, I'm pretty random, I think.

Anyways, till next time :)