Hey babes ๐Ÿงก I'm back with a new article. It's about Bebe Rexha to celebrate her 30th birthday. I hope you will like it.

No Broken Heart

bebe, broken, and dancing image nicki minaj bebe rexha image

Last Hurrah

bebe rexha and last hurrah image br, beberexha, and bebรฉ image

I'm a Mess

album, beauty, and girls image brokenheart, cool, and girls image


gone and bebe rexha image easel, gone, and lost image

Hey Mama

album, apple, and artist image dance, electronic, and music image

Me, Myself & I

Temporarily removed car, i, and me image

Dance With Somebody (The Way I Are)

lil wayne, dance with somebody, and bebe rexha image Temporarily removed
That's all for this article, I hope you liked it and Happy Birthday Bebe ๐Ÿ

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