Hey cutiess.
I´ve been so so obsessed with euphoria and since everybody was too i decided to write one of this posts.
I hope you like it

Basic Info

name: Mia
age: 18
birthday: 7th of november
zodiac sign: scorpio


details, fashion, and model image bra, fashion, and girl image Image removed Mature image Abusive image Image removed
Talll girl with long, wavy and red dyed hair. Deep and almond shape eyes. Many tattos but small (details)


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she just loves red.


red, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, eye, and aesthetic image eyeshadow, art, and makeup image eyes, makeup, and red image Image by teddybear88 Image by teddybear88
when she wears makeup she likes to add some details and make it fill with her personality. Usually she uses reds or some glitter



aesthetic, fashion, and girl image alternative, body, and fashion image Temporarily removed bralette, classy, and coordinates image bralette, button up, and classy image Temporarily removed
she likes to wear fancy clothes but really low cut


dress, black, and sexy image fashion, Magdalena Frackowiak, and Michaela Kocianova image pink, fashion, and fur image beauty, body, and color image
she usually keeps her low cut styles but more glam. She loves to catch attention


Halloween, angel, and fatherkels image angel, costumes, and friendship image


fashion, dress, and diamonds image
she searched de more glamorous dress she could find. It´s just her style


Mature image Temporarily removed quotes, goddess, and cold image alone, bikini, and body image red, aesthetic, and quotes image quotes, meme, and funny image
She´s a very sincere person who can sometimes seem cruel. Sometimes this make people hate on her. She´s usually quiet until someone bother her or just ask for her opinion (a thing that nobody likes). She loves being alone but usually likes some company.


money, weed, and drugs image Temporarily removed aesthetic, body, and girl image red, girl, and aesthetic image
Her mom was a prostitute who obligated her to do the same because they were poor, she was in that since she was 13 years old. When she was 16 she leave that job and started to steal every kind of things. Now she just trafficates, working with Fez.


euphoria, Jules, and rue image euphoria and zendaya image euphoria and alexa demie image euphoria, alexa demie, and maude apatow image
She loves Rue and Jules they´re always together cause they share a lot of things. Also she loves being with Kat cause she has another side just like her so they can trust each other and is friend with Cass cause she´s a sweetheart.

Love interest

alexa demie, euphoria, and maddy perez image euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image euphoria, maddy, and makeup image euphoria, alexa demie, and aesthetic image
When she entered to high school she saw Maddie and already catch her attention. They had some moments when Mia put Maddie nervous so Mia thinks that she could be bisexual but Nate makes all difficult. Maybe that´s why she hates Nate

tell why she is in love with that person