Ok can I just start out by saying I Love this new K-Drama. So refreshing different than the ones I usually watch. I really want the second season to come out already even though this season just came out.

Kinda Spoiler so don’t read if you haven’t watched (aka go watch it because it’s good)

Yes it’s usually the rich boy’s mom is really mean BUT she didn’t interfere with her son Love life like other shows always make happen and I loved that so much. also, the fact that it didn’t take so long for the main character to be a couple was amazing. we didn’t have to go in circles with the love-hate the dramas usually go for.

why do they always make the female character always struggling in life? I will say I love that even though that is the case they always have positive vibes and don’t give up easily. Really made me mad that she didn’t just look for a really cheap place to live or tell her aunt and cousin to fuck off, it’s not her fault her family owes them a lot of money, it’s so much pressure for a teenager is so fucked up.

I really want Kim Jo-jo to end up with Hwang Sun-oh even though Lee Hye-yeong is a really sweet guy. Kim and Hwang were really good together it’s not like they broke up because he was a jerk and anything she was just scared. He was so good to her, she just needs to apologize and tell him her true feeling and why she broke it off with him.

it broke my heart when he told her to “please love him again” (not going to like I cried)


Link so if you want to talk about the show