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  • first it's all about the autumn/winter fashion trends 2019
  • suitable for this we continue with the new fall collections of our favorite brands
  • 3rd we discover the amout of opportunities what to do in autumn and winter
  • 4th I show you that you can do a lot with your boy-/girlfriend in fall and winter
  • 5th you get a list of all my favorite articles from the beautiful writers on this website

Autumn & Winter Fashion Trends 2019

  • 1. Satin & Silk
fashion, style, and outfit image jewelry, lace top, and pink image Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and vintage image
avaiable in almost all colours, fits with every body, conjures a fabolous figure, the fabric keeps your body warm, colour tip: purple; lilac; lavender or orchid
  • 2. cool leather
fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and skirt image Temporarily removed boots, fashion, and girl image
jackets, boots, skirts, bags or belts, even in colours it looks good, this fall is meant to be colourful
  • 3. slack suits
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, bag, and chanel image beautiful, belt, and blue image
combine with turtlenecks, boots and bigger purses [see picture 3]
  • 4. long coats
fashion, white, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image accessories, bag, and brown image coat, grey, and long image
the longer the better, not only brown; beige or black - try colourful checks
  • 5. feathers
earrings, feather, and white image shoes, heels, and wedding image dress, fashion, and style image chic, dress, and fashion image
Kendall & Kylie Jenner have worn this look at Met Gala - but I do not support feather and fur fashion! To look good you don't have to kill animals for their skin, fur or feathers. Now you may think: "I don't kill em, I'm just wearing somthing that hang in the store" !WRONG! If you buy it, if you wear it, you are automatically responsible and a part of the animal murder generation. Think about it. You also look great without fur and feathers, and if you stop buying these products, they'll stop producing it.
  • 6. hair pins
braid, girl, and hair image aesthetic, beige, and girl image accessories, clip, and hair image pearlbobbypins image
doesn't matter if simple or glowy
  • 7. small bags
fashion, outfit, and style image gucci, bag, and black image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
perfect for the few things you need at it remainds you to stay minimalistic, very stylish

Fall Collections Of Our Favorite Brands

  • Pandora - What do you love?

pandora, pink, and gift image
Pandora just puplished their brand new Fall Collection of charms, earrings, rings and necklaces Check it out if you want high-quality jewelry for a low price
  • Chanel - autumn/winter 2019

chanel, fashion, and fashion show image
The one and only Chanel style in new creation

Chanel also finds itself in the following autumn trends again:
- long coats
- slack suits

  • Valentino - READY-TO-WEAR

Valentino and fashion image

Valentino also goes with the leather and feather trend

  • Yves Saint Lauren - Winter 2019ür-sie/neuheiten

fashion, paris, and saint laurent image

Yves Saint Lauren is very... formally, yes. Maybe a reason why they're with the suits look, they also go with feathers

  • Versage - Pre-Fall 2019

Image removed
classci and chic

You'll find Versage in leather, silk &satin and in hair pins

  • Fendi - Pre-Fall 2019

  • Fendi - Autumn/winter 2019-20

accessory, bag, and chic image
Fendi already has the mini bags!!

Fendi already created some small bags, suitable for slack suits and long coats

  • Ariana Grande - Thank you next

ariana grande image
just jokin'

Ariana has her own collection in collaboration with H&M. Check it out! The song titles from her latest album are poems on shirts and pullovers. She also added some thank you next hair pins to her merch drop

What To Do In Autumn And Winter

- catch the last sunbeams! Lay down in a garden with your friends and bath in the last warm sunlight for the next time.

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  • Autumn is DIY time! Be creative and craft some nice decoration for your bedroom and revalue some items of your livingroom
Temporarily removed diy, autumn, and fall image diy and gold image diy, autumn, and rose gold image

  • In autumn, the trees shake everything off. Including apples for example. Visit your grandparents and collect together the treasures of the garden
Temporarily removed apple, girl, and nature image

  • Baking time! When the leafs fall down, it's time to create something new and with the picked apples you can bake a nice pie with your grandparents and surprise your parents with a delicious smelling meal.
apple, food, and pie image

What To Do With Your Boy-/Girlfriend In Fall

  • What about a cuddly movie night? Start with a romance story and maybe go over to horror films. Don't forget, halloween is not far. A nice place is car cinema. It's very romantic sitting side by side in a warm car, just you both.
love, couple, and movie image

  • Take an evening stroll through the illuminated city with hot tea or the first mulled wine.
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  • Sit together in bed, cuddle and read books. Either you can read out a book to him or everyone of you reads a book by himself
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#My Favorite Articles

what is trendy in summer?
what to wear in fall and winter? From this article is my auntumn fashion trend list from
k I believe Koreans are the icons of skincare. They have unbelievable clear skin it is literally amazing
shoes are essential! Never question that
It works ♥ I promise
höhö I think every girl needs to know this article

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