Hi everyone!

I thought it was a good idea to share my to-do list before the end of the summer in order to inspire you for a new season.

I have decided to dedicate my last days of summer to refresh every area of ​​my life, to enter September completely renewed. I hope it helps you. Enjoy 😊

1. Deep cleaning.

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Something that I love to do in the seasonal changes is to clean. I find it super therapeutic. Get rid of objects that lack emotional value, donate clothes that I no longer need, reuse etc. Please, before you get rid of something, try giving it a second life, experiment, get your most creative side😊

2. Redecorate my room.

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I love being creative with my own room. Redecorate my shelves and even the walls giving it an autumnal touch. Try it, you'll love it and you don't need to spend a lot of money, just move some furniture and voila.

3. Refresh your social media.

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I have to confess that I was misusing social media. Before, I used them to follow people without worrying about the content I was consuming unconsciously. Now, I care much more about the people I follow on social media. I try to follow the people who inspire me, feed my big dreams and push me forward.

If you follow people you don't want, don't hesitate to separate from them no matter what they say. Remember that caring is how you feel and not them.

4. New music.

Refresh your days with a new playlist. No matter the genre, fill up with new music (outside your comfort zone), with new messages and new vibes.

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Here is my spotify if you want to leave your comfort zone. Every Sunday I create a new playlist. User: crixtna

5. Change the plans, not the goal.

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We all have a dream / goal that we have not reached. Absolutely nothing happens. Meditate, get inspired, reorganize yourself, change the plans and start over. Soon you will succeed ♥

6. Pamper day.

A day dedicated entirely to my body, mind and soul to restructure and recharge it with new energy.

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I hope it has helped and inspired you. Feel free to follow these steps or adapt them to your own.

I hope you enjoyed.
With love C.

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