The widower king had 12 daughters. He looked like a real princess. Each of the fidget princesses was fond of interesting things: collecting insects, croquet, stilts and others. Without exception, they all loved to dance and dance every week. Young shoemaker Derek. Realizing that the princesses need to become more serious, the king invites his cousin Rowena to raise his daughters. But the half-poor duchess came for selfish purposes: to work as a princess, to poison the king and seize the throne. Princesses need to stop Rowena and save her father ...


hair, girl, and fashion image alt, flute, and music image dress image ballerina, ballet, and blue image
the oldest sister. Very responsible and correct. Always worried about his sisters, loves them very much.


girl, hair, and hairstyle image horse, vintage, and tumblr image dress, red, and red prom dresses image ballet and pointe image
second in seniority. Loves to ride


hair, fashion, and beautiful image blue and dress image Image by Maria vintage, cameo, and jewelry image
third in seniority. She's 19 years old. she always reads, so she goes with a book everywhere


hair, hairstyle, and blonde image green, dress, and slytherin image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
fourth in seniority. She likes sports, especially badminton and croquet.


hair and girl image dress and orange image croquet, Heathers, and musicals image Temporarily removed
fifth sister. Very similar to her sister Delia in character and interests.


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Alison Smith HP
sixth and middle sister. She is 17 years old. He loves animals and plays the harp.


blonde, dress, and princess image 17th century, 18th century, and aesthetic image fairytale, girly, and glam image ballet and pink image dance, couple, and princess image Temporarily removed
the seventh sister and protagonist of the cartoon. Always late for any meetings and dinners.


girl, long hair, and hairstyles image dress, blue, and princess image girl, eyes, and beautiful image Temporarily removed
Isla's eighth oldest and twin sister. Together with my sister they like to be different. He walks on stilts, prefers everything different from other girls.


hair, girl, and aesthetic image Image by Fernanda eyes, eye, and green image aesthetic, ballet, and photography image
Hadley’s ninth oldest and twin sister. Like her twin sister, she prefers everything different from the others.


hair, girl, and flowers image Image removed animals, bugs, and collection image crown and princess image
the tenth oldest and the oldest among triplets. She communicates very closely with her triple sister Kathleen and defends another - Lacey.


hair, butterfly, and beauty image girl, russian Girl, and beautiful image box, butterfly, and collection image crown, gold, and tiara image
eleventh sister and middle triple sister. He loves his sisters very much, and if they quarrel, reconciles them.


hair, bun, and blonde image fiori, natura, and principessa image Temporarily removed crown, princess, and gold image
the youngest (twelfth) sister and the youngest among the triplets. Communicates very closely with Genevieve.


boy and girl image prince and royal image flute, music, and musical instrument image Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, hands, and couple image
nineteen year old royal shoemaker. He really likes Genevieve, but he thinks that the princess will not love him because of her blue blood.
garden, aesthetic, and green image water, aesthetic, and blue image ballet, girl, and dance image Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and purple image dress, anna karenina, and keira knightley image